Salmonella Typhimurium
Gram stain - Negative

Description - It's a cylindrical rod, the size is about 2 microns by 0.5 microns which is much smaller then the cells in a human. Humans can get salmonella poison by eating some tomatoes, eggs, and peanut butter that might have salmonella in it. In humans the growth causes gastroenteritis. Illness usually begins by nausea and vomiting.

How salmonella typhimurium attacks and spreads - Attacks by getting injected in the mouth by something that a person ate. You can get it from uncooked food, dirty food, or if hot food becomes warm and stays warm for a long time. Then the Salmonella will spread through your mouth into your body and make a person sick.

Common victims to prey upon - Any person can get Salmonella pouson but it's mostly the young and old people.

Where can you find Salmonella Typhimurium? - Usually found at a public restaurant by food that is bad. Although, you can also find it in a place like a dirty bathroom.

Injury done to victim - The most common injury that happens to a victim is vomiting, fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. Most people go with out the sickness being treated. You just need to let it come out of your body and let it do its own thing. There is no vaccination you can get from Salmonella.

Is Salmonella armed and dangerous and degree of damage? - Yes, Salmonella is considered to be armed and dangerous becasue people have died drom it. There was recently a recall on peanut butter becasuse of Salmonella being it in. The degree of damage is really bad becasue 1.4 million people get it in America a year. All of those peple don't die from it, but they still get sick from it.

Number of victims - Almost 400 people a year die from Salmonella.

Effective weapons - Cook beef and eggs until completely done. Washing hands and surfaces thoroughly. Be careful and make sure that food for infants and the elderly is completely cooked.

Identifying characteristics - Salmonella is found in many different foods so you cannot see it becasue it's a bacteria inside the food such as eggs. You can also find Salmonella in a bathroom; it's so small that the naked eye will not be able to see it.